School District Services

In addition to providing individualized family services, CBI has spent a great deal of time developing and implementing individualized trainings and workshops for various school districts, clinical agencies, and hospital networks. The Meritt Program and Behavior Bootcamp are two of their most utilized programs. If you think you may be interested in hearing more information regarding how CBI trainings/workshops can help make your employees and team members more confident and efficient in their career please call or email Lindsay or Stephanie at Trainings/ workshops can be tailored to meet your individual needs!

Other Services CBI Provides

  • Child advocacy and support (IEP, doctors, psychiatrists, etc.)
  • Parent/teacher support
  • Behavioral consultation (single case, classroom, or school wide)
  • School trainings and support
  • School in-service trainings
  • Community support
  • Team development and continued support
  • Academic assessments to support IEP development
  • Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)
  • Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) development
  • Ongoing data analysis and graphing
  • Individualized skill acquisition programming based on the learning style and history of the learner
  • Transition & support plans