Naperville, IL

Our Naperville clinic spans over 7500 square feet with therapy rooms centered around a large common play space for all our clients to play, socialize and learn in a natural environment. Come shop in our grocery store, get a check-up at our doctor’s office or enjoy cooking meals for friends in our playhouse. We also have rooms dedicated to our older learners to teach socialization skills. These rooms come equipped to “Hangout” and have a good time while learning to socialize with one another! Naperville has play centers that will appeal to any child.

Programs Offered


  • CBI Hangouts
  • Therapeutic Playgroup
  • School Consultations
  • Parent Training/Workshops
  • Center-Based 1:1 Therapy
  • In-Home Therapy

1272 Bond Street Naperville, IL. 60563

1272 Bond Street
Naperville, IL. 60563