Do we have to come to CBI?

Depending on the individual needs of the learner, the team at CBI may be able to come to your home, school, or community center. There are, however, many great benefits to ABA services in a controlled and fun clinical environment.

Do we need to commit a lot of time to CBI?

The intensity of services and time required for effective behavior change is determined on an individual basis. The team at CBI makes recommendations for ideal hours per week of services after assessments are complete, and then, the family and CBI team members meet to discuss the data and develop a plan.

How do I pay for services?

CBI currently agrees to work with your insurance company for payment. Private pay rates are also available.

Is ABA used only for maladaptive behavior?

Absolutely not! ABA is also an extremely effective tool for teaching functional communication, social skills, activities of daily living, and academics.