Come join our new social group at CBI! Please contact and to sign your child up or to ask any questions you may have. Anyone is welcome! Please see below for details.

The purpose of this program is to provide learners with the opportunity to interact and socialize with peers while engaging in numerous enjoyable activities. During these classes, learners will be able to interact with similarly aged peers while using all of their energy in healthy and creative way! Some activities will require learners to work as a team to reach an ultimate outcome, while others will require them to coplete a task independently of others. By the end of the program, all learners will have had exposure to a variety of functional living and leisure skills they can implement daily in the home environment and with peers.
*Anyone is welcome to participate in this social group. A diagnosis of ASD may result in insurance eligiblity. Please contact CBI in advance to find out if you are eligible.

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