Our Mission

The Centers for Behavior Intervention (CBI) is dedicated to the education of individuals who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, other neurological, developmental, and behavioral disorders, or who display challenging or inappropriate behaviors that impede their ability to learn. CBI utilizes the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) and believes that all individuals can learn regardless of age if given the proper tools and teaching methods. CBI individualizes the education of each learner and makes educational decisions based on accurate and valid data. CBI’s goal is to teach an individual to “learn how to learn” while creating an environment that provides the necessary tools for the learner to become independent with a functional repertoire of skills.

What We Do

The Centers for Behavior Intervention is a therapeutic facility designed to meet the needs of individuals displaying symptoms of autism as well as neurological, developmental and/or behavioral concerns. CBI’s goal is to focus on the prerequisites to education so that students learn the necessary skills to function as independently as possible in their natural environment with minimal to no lifetime supports. At CBI, we first ensure the learner acquires a functional means of communication. Once this is established, we teach social skills, daily living skills, and academics. Within these four areas, behavior management is addressed as needed, with a focus on reducing any inappropriate behaviors and replacing these behaviors with functionally equivalent and appropriate replacement behaviors.

Who We Are

Our staff includes a team of highly trained and skilled Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), and our education and methodologies are based on the principles of applied behavior analysis. Upon admission, a BCBA assesses each child’s skill repertoire using the Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills — Revised (ABLLS-R) and the Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program (VB-MAPP). Following the completion of these assessments, a BCBA develops individualized goals to teach each necessary skill. Learners at CBI may receive one-to-one instruction, small group instruction, and/or large group instruction, as deemed appropriate based on their current skill level.

Our Clinical Philosophy

Along with intensive instruction at The Centers for Behavior Intervention, our team also requires parent involvement to maximize consistency across the learner’s home and school environments. CBI requires that parents collect data on any inappropriate behaviors daily and return this data to school on a weekly basis. Parents are also required to attend monthly training sessions with our BCBAs that focus on their child’s behavior plan and goals. Your learner’s lead BCBA schedules these monthly training sessions for days and times that work for your family. Siblings are also encouraged to attend these trainings!