Center-based Therapy

Center for Behavior Intervention offers center based therapy to kids ages 1 year old through high school diagnosed on the autism spectrum. All individuals are served by our team of highly trained BCBAs and RBTs. Our mission is to teach kids to learn how to learn from his or her natural environment. To take the next steps to a more independent life, reach out to the Center for Behavior Intervention.

Benefits of center-based behavioral therapy


We also offer home-based behavioral therapy. However, there are many advantages involved with center-based behavioral therapy. By choosing center-based behavioral therapy, you or a loved one will:

  • Be treated by our team of BCBAs and RBTs 15 to 40 hours per week
  • Play with peers while learning social skills and daily living skills
  • Interact with peers who are dealing with the same difficulties
  • Grow more independent in a safe, caring and comfortable environment

We have highly trained and skilled BCBAs and RBTs who individualize programming to ensure daily progress towards short and long term goals.